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5th February 2013
What Turns ME On Part 3 of 8 - The STRAP ON

3.  The STRAP ONI was dating this wonderful creature who was so different to me - he was a breath of fresh air.He was bi sexual, had tattoos and piercings, a mohawk and worked in a sex shop!  He was everything my mother w... (click for full article)

4th February 2013
What Turns ME On Part 2 of 8 - Seducing the Boss

2.  SEDUCING THE BOSSYou will find this hard to believe, but when I was growing up I was very horny and wanted to explore my body.I was a confident little madam with an eye for older men who could teach me sexual skills. ... (click for full article)

4th February 2013
Trying to find some porn this morning...

Suckretary I quite like the vibe of the first 10 mins of this one, then I got quite bored and I skipped and started to like her on top action at 19.30 and then even more so a... (click for full article)

2nd February 2013
What Turns Me On Part 1 of 8

I would apologise for not blogging in a while but quite frankly you can imagine why I haven\'t ;-)3 main reasons for my blogging absence:-1.  I relished in having some fantastic fornicating experiences in the last couple of mo... (click for full article)

2nd December 2012
I have just enjoyed some Tit Wank Porn

Hello you,As some of you know, I touch myself around 6 times a day.I believe it is good for you, like 5 portions of fruit and veg a day.I like a varied amount of porn to assist me in \"completing\".My favourite website is Porn Hub ... (click for full article)

21st November 2012
A Complete List of my Services :-)

Everything ticked is what I offer, everything unticked I do not offer.Your Orientation: Bi-curious Bi-sexual Gay Straight Select the orientation that best describes you sexual persuasion ... (click for full article)

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