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4th April 2014
Midnight snack

Mr. Big Wig Its so late... I've been keeping a low profile this week...and then Big Wig comes back from his business trip and calls me on a whim. He caught me just at the right time. You are utterly fabulous co... (click for full article)

7th February 2014
Attention Gatwick booking

Hello My Gatwick Booking..You called me about a booking in Gatwick, possibly a duo...I was meant to text you the links to my several duo partners...  But immediately after our phone calls I had a flurry of calls, I went straig... (click for full article)

24th January 2014
Its the season to be single

Its the season to be single.I am in shock.  I am noticing a trend.  I am receiving emails from men who I have never met before who have recently become single.  All different circumstances... some divorce, some long ... (click for full article)

8th January 2014
January Availability

I just thought I would let you know my schedule in January:-8th-14th AWAY 15th-19th AVAILABLE20th-26th AWAY27th onwards Available and back to normal daily availability!Thank you,Christine Love xxx... (click for full article)

2nd January 2014
And you thought I abandoned you...

Contrary to all of your accusations, I didn\'t abandon my blog. ;-)I merely discovered twitter!  (Its now 2014 and I am admitting that I JUST discovered I a late adapter or what?!) So, yes, admittedly Twitter has ... (click for full article)

15th November 2013
Porn. Sex mis-education for men?

I am often asked if I supply the \"PSE\" Porn Star Experience.  Which, after much analysis, seems to be ...the same ol\'sex...just louder.And I am fairly ..its actually silly.One of my dearest guests has sent me this... (click for full article)

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