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10th June 2021
I want to be that naughty girlfriend you have always wanted.

I have a very soft, sensual, gentle.. love making style... and if my genuinely bi-sexual duo partners like it then I am sure you will too! I like receiving tantric and I like giving massage....I am affectionate and love to kiss an... (click for full article)

9th May 2021
Concerned about Covid-19?

I understand and respect the concerns you may have regarding catching the virus. And my sincere condolences go to those who have lost loved ones. I am fully vaccinated and I really do everything I can to ensure that I do not sh... (click for full article)

16th April 2021
Domination: From Soft to Hard

"I have been known to be the sort of bad girl your mother would have warned you about.” Christine Love Need something a little more kinky? I am well versed in the delights of BDSM and I take the dominant role. My ... (click for full article)

23rd March 2021
No Porn Start Experience for me

"We all have our limits.” Christine Love As diverse as my talents may be, they do NOT extend to the so-called Porn Star Experience. Of course, I enjoy watching porn as much as the next person. (Since yo... (click for full article)

16th February 2021
My schedule works on a first come, first 'perved' basis.

Some of you like to plan ahead. Others leave it to the last minute - which is fine, frisky and spontaneous. However, availability at short notice is not guaranteed and very very very rarely successful - but openings do happen... (click for full article)

29th January 2021
Early morning orgasm

Shе mоаnеd ѕоftlу intо hеr ріllоw аѕ thе рulѕіng оf hеr сlіt bесаmе аn inѕiѕtеnt thrоb. Still hаlf-аѕlеер, hеr hаn... (click for full article)

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