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8th October 2016
Gay Porn

Gay PornNow i don't mean lesbian porn, i mean gay porn. That's right - man on man action.Now ten or so years ago i used to masturbate to gay porn. Not just because i think it's beautiful, to watch two grown men snogging etc (i ... (click for full article)

5th September 2016
HD Porn

Hd Porn Is A Bit MuchYou know i'm not sure about HD Porn. I think it's graphic to the point of potentially being revolting. I just don't know if we need to see sex in such graphic detail?! The idea is more appealing than the ... (click for full article)

3rd August 2016
Big Tits

Big TitsNow i don't have big tits. The men who like me are firm believers of 'more than a handful's a waste'.But for those who have rather large hands, i rope my friend Busty Charlotte into a duo with satisfy his niche ... (click for full article)

12th June 2016

Most of my vanilla clients would not allow so much as a condommed finger to stroke the exterior of the anus, let alone probing it with anything like a pinkie. But(t) others like not only a cheeky set of bum beads, not only a ... (click for full article)

8th June 2016

I've always wanted to squirt, but i have never. Some people say that everybody can squirt, you just need to know how. And some people say you can either squirt or you can't. I don't know which one is true, but what is your ex... (click for full article)

19th May 2016
I Do Love A Threesome

I Do Love A ThreesomeI think a threesome is something every man should hold within his Sexual Portfolio, even if it's only once in his lifetime. And i think it's important to go with sexually compatible women who are truly bi... (click for full article)

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