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1st February 2016
Prostate Cancer

Prostate CancerWhilst other escorts blog about more glamorous pursuits such as visiting The Langham or Monte Carlo, I like to tackle the real nitty gritty. Because wherever possible, I like to help people.Now certain gentlemen th... (click for full article)

20th January 2016
First Transsexual Experience

Now some of you who come to see me for my Girlfriend Experience, are quite vanilla, and I love you guys for that.Yet others of you come to see me for more exotic pursuits, shall we say..This particular gentleman was fixated by th... (click for full article)

10th September 2015
October availability

Mr Vlad (who loves the attention he gets from me on my twitter feed  :-P ) has booked up quite a bit of my time during his stay in London from the 22nd of Oct to the 30th Oct (both dates inclusive). Therefore, in order not to ... (click for full article)

4th July 2015
Are you shy? Nervous first timer?

Booking an escort for the first time can be an extremely daunting experience....   <--- YAWN!  You've heard all that before.  Let me cut to the chase.Ok, so you are shy.  Or its your first time with an e... (click for full article)

29th May 2015
The 2Hr minimum explained

As some of you know, I have a "day job" and next week I am working in and out of London pursuing that.I work for myself and I can sneak in some filth in my schedule but I need to know minimum a day or so in advance to be able to ac... (click for full article)

21st October 2014
French Face sitting slut

Mr. Bordeaux, you dirty big fanny licking, wine guzzling, cheese eating, pleasure seeking FRENCHman.   Oh Mr. Bordeaux, I love meeting you for a leisurely lunch date and our conve... (click for full article)

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