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28th February 2019
Wheres My Banana?

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. But what does a banana a day do? Well, if Meghan Markle has personally signed one, it might boost your mood and offer a message of hope. I am of course referring to the story recently ... (click for full article)

4th December 2018
Celebrity Client

As you can imagine, I encounter many different kinds of men in my day to day work, and they all turn me on in a different ways. But one particular gentleman stands out from the crowd, and has left me with a lasting memory.For start... (click for full article)

25th August 2018
Mr Gaucho and I went to see a show...but ended up being the show

I do love the theatre, and what better way to spend an evening than taking in a show with Mr Gaucho, a delicious gentleman from South America. We went to see Les MisÚrables, and it was anything but miserable. I bet you are dying t... (click for full article)

18th August 2018
Couples: how seeing an escort together can actually increase intimacy

Last month, I gave some tips on maintaining romance in your relationship (if you haven?t read it, go do so now). I presented the slightly wacky but at the same time ultra-serious idea of a couple seeing an escort to help their se... (click for full article)

4th August 2018
What normal civilian women find attractive in a man

I take great pleasure in helping clients find their feet in the mysterious world of love and romance. One of the questions I am asked is 'what do women find attractive in a man?' Please, sit back and let me explain. 1. Tall, dark ... (click for full article)

21st July 2018
The importance of maintaining romance in a long term relationship X

Have you ever wondered how a couple who have been together for years still love each other? If you didn?t know better, they could still be courting. Well, nutty ?Professor? Love has squeezed in a few minutes from her busy sch... (click for full article)

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