Christine Love Blog

5th November 2012
Phone Reinstated

So my phone is back working and I should not have lost any of your numbers.I have gone for an iphone 4s again as the iphone 5 has a different charger and that just annoys me!Let\'s look at the evidence...Because the battery life is... (click for full article)

28th October 2012

Hi all! My phone was stolen Saturday 27th...If you have a booking with me this week then please contact me by email or you can go ahead and Skype me on christineloveinternational. I\'ll get the same number...I  just need to ge... (click for full article)

23rd September 2012
New Site!

How exciting! I have gone all PINK! And Red! and White! and Black!Well I must begin with a few announcements...I would just like to say a big thank you to for designing and building the site - you  guys are s... (click for full article)

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