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19th December 2021

I know its way off but I just received the newsletter from the Royal Opera House and Otello caught my eye: ... (click for full article)

14th November 2021
Eyes Wide Shut Party

Can we go to Italy please? Just have a look at this... breathtaking... ... (click for full article)

7th October 2021
We have to go to the box

Omg we have to go to The Box - "THE BOX otherwise known as The Theatre Of Varieties is definitely one of the most exclusive clubs in London. The 7,000 square foot and three-level building is definitely... (click for full article)

14th September 2021
So you want to be an escort?

Hello you gorgeous lady! So… You are not a companion but you are as curious as anything and want to dip your toe in this wicked world. or You are a companion but you know you can achieve more/want to understand the... (click for full article)

28th August 2021
Some FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions... Q. Why do you choose to not show your face? A. I have to be discreet to protect myself and to protect my clients when I am out in public. When we meet, you will of course see my whole... (click for full article)

5th July 2021
A gay man booked me

Over the years I have noticed that my time and company is sought after for so much more than coitus. In fact, upon close examination, close to half of my friends book me exclusively to satisfy needs beyond the physical. Which i... (click for full article)

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