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4th December 2018
Celebrity Client

As you can imagine, I encounter many different kinds of men in my day to day work, and they all turn me on in a different ways. But one particular gentleman stands out from the crowd, and has left me with a lasting memory.For start... (click for full article)

25th August 2018
Mr Gaucho and I went to see a show...but ended up being the show

I do love the theatre, and what better way to spend an evening than taking in a show with Mr Gaucho, a delicious gentleman from South America. We went to see Les Misérables, and it was anything but miserable. I bet you are dying... (click for full article)

18th August 2018
Couples: how seeing an escort together can actually increase intimacy

Last month, I gave some tips on maintaining romance in your relationship (if you haven’t read it, go do so now). I presented the slightly wacky but at the same time ultra-serious idea of a couple seeing an escort to help their... (click for full article)

4th August 2018
What normal civilian women find attractive in a man

I take great pleasure in helping clients find their feet in the mysterious world of love and romance. One of the questions I am asked is 'what do women find attractive in a man?' Please, sit back and let me explain. 1. Tall, dark ... (click for full article)

21st July 2018
The importance of maintaining romance in a long term relationship X

Have you ever wondered how a couple who have been together for years still love each other? If you didn’t know better, they could still be courting. Well, nutty ‘Professor’ Love has squeezed in a few minutes from her... (click for full article)

14th July 2018
Have you been thinking of sucking cock. It is ok to be curious... X

Boys will be boys! I’m genuinely surprised by a number of guys who have expressed an interest in sucking cock, but who are afraid to do so. They fear their masculine image will be dented somewhat. It seems when two women engag... (click for full article)

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