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5th October 2014
Boss takes advantage of junior roleplay

Mmmm I woke up this morning from a delicious wet dream about my Japanese boyfriend.  I dreamt that I was the boss of a large company, with my Japanese boyfriend as a middle managem... (click for full article)

1st October 2014

WATERSPORTS Everyone has different turn ons and turn offs.  What is pleasurable for one might not be for another.  I see a lot of things that "normal" people might consider we... (click for full article)

27th September 2014
Why I like Caning Men

Why I like Caning Men              Sometimes I get asked "Why do you enjoy caning men? Is it about hurting them?". Absolutely not.  It is about being in control.... (click for full article)

2nd June 2014
Mr WKN's secretary

Mr WKN I am the secretary for Mr. WKN.  Our relationship at the office is not always strictly...professional.  He is obsessed with my bum.  I will wear tight skirts to work and purposefully bend over when workin... (click for full article)

26th May 2014

SENIORSERVICE'S REVIEW OF CHRISTINE appearance 9 - Model material performance ... (click for full article)

5th April 2014
Tie and tease with Mr Feeldoe

Mr Feel doe Tall, long and lean Mr. Feeldoe...what lovely long limbs you have stretched across the bed. They would look beautiful tied up in japanese rope bondage, hands above your head so you can look, b... (click for full article)

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