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29th July 2019
Gym bunny

Going To The GymI enjoy going to the gym and keeping my body firm, flexible & fabulous.However sometimes, being gorgeous is a burden...because seemingly everyone stares at my round ass. Now who can blame them, of course? The ... (click for full article)

28th June 2019
She tied me up

She tied me up, one arm at a time, one leg at a time, I was not sure what I was getting myself in for but I trusted her and, after all, I did say," Do whatever you like with me, I'm into anything. I'm all yours."I couldn't pull out... (click for full article)

29th May 2019
Room Service

My idea of bliss...Tell the office you're going away with the family,  you tell your family you're going away with work...And you are going away, but alone!  Devious! But some times we all need some personal space and som... (click for full article)

29th April 2019
My human furniture Mr Ikea!

Well hello there Mr. Ikea.  Ive been remembering one of our times together recently.  Do you remember that afternoon we spent with my Mistress Friend?  I remember it fondl... (click for full article)

29th March 2019
Mistress has lesbian Fetish fun in London Dungeon

Mistress finds a dirty pretty thing to play with...Christine Love - your dominatrix escort London... (click for full article)

28th February 2019
Wheres My Banana?

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. But what does a banana a day do? Well, if Meghan Markle has personally signed one, it might boost your mood and offer a message of hope. I am of course referring to the story recently ... (click for full article)

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