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14th March 2013

Hi pervs,One of my darling regulars informed me of a field report that one of my visitors has taken the time to write about me on have copied and pasted the entire thing here - with no editing.I hav... (click for full article)

9th March 2013
Girl on Girl Porn that got me off this morning

So this morning I have been wanking to the following porn... tend to find a blonde with big tits and that plastic look tends to do it for me.....I was over 6 mins in and... (click for full article)

18th February 2013
Rubber! Latex! Bought new kit today!

Hellew, Just thought I would share with you that I went to the Honour shop in Waterloo today and boughtin black latex: a bolero, long opera length gloves, bra and pencil skirt.This blog doesn\'t appear to support pictures...The lin... (click for full article)

17th February 2013
What Turns ME On Part 5 of 8 - MISSIONARY

5.  MISSIONARYHow did missionary make the list?  Well we all know the best things in life are certainly not free ;-)But sometimes...... simplicity is best.And missionary is a timeless classic.I find missionary can be REAL... (click for full article)

12th February 2013
What Turns ME On Part 4 of 8 - CROSS DRESSING

4.  CROSS DRESSINGThis was a one night stand.  But unlike \'normal\' one night stands, this one was not about sex.It was about sexuality and delving into what femininity is and what masculinity is.I met \"M\" somewhere (I... (click for full article)

7th February 2013
REALLY Rough Sex so I think its cool that they spend the first 8 min or so interviewing her to show that she is over 18 and that she is fully consenting to the enormously violent gang bang ... (click for full article)

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