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4th December 2017
Getting Plastered

Being merry is one thing. Completely getting plastered to the point of not being able to perform, or even be understood by fellow humans, is quite another.   Being not able to perform would be fine…if you di... (click for full article)

14th November 2017
You're Not Allowed To Penetrate My Arse

"Massaging a shapely hot bum with lube, a mass of flesh so firm & so pert, extending down to those dancer slim, yet so firm & robust they could crush me like a nutcracker."   Mr Bumlust is a part... (click for full article)

17th October 2017
The Conflicting Multitudes Of Modern Pervy Man (aka Homo Pervimaximus Contradictimus)

"I contradict myself, I am large, I contain multitudes."        - Walt Whitman   The trembling & perspiring neo-conservative stiff-upper-lip establishment-type Anglo-Ir... (click for full article)

16th August 2017
Greedy Guy

His Christmas Bonus was wisely invested on an epic 24-hour session at the sumptuous 'Hotel 41' on Buckingham Palace Road.One guy, one constant lady (i.e. myself) & six visiting girls throughout the day and night.   A ... (click for full article)

8th July 2017
Mr Peach Fur

Oh, you rotter! You know how I hate mess in my boudoir! What were you thinking bringing me mixed-berries, chocolate & a medley of other high-stain-potential items?!I'm not saying the food sex wasn't fun, delicious even. Only th... (click for full article)

8th July 2017
Prevention is better than Cure - A Note on Safe Sex

So this came out yesterday... I feel I need to address any concerns you may have.Now some might say I should not bring up the topic of STIs on this blog... because this blog is intended t... (click for full article)

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