What Turns ME On Part 3 of 8 - The STRAP ON

5th February 2013

What Turns ME On Part 3 of 8 - The STRAP ON

3.  The STRAP ON

I was dating this wonderful creature who was so different to me - he was a breath of fresh air.

He was bi sexual, had tattoos and piercings, a mohawk and worked in a sex shop!  He was everything my mother would have hated.  He was a cool alternative dude and I was fascinated.   I would never marry such an "off the rails man" - but I'd certainly take him for a spin.  And during our precious year together he exposed me to the world of fetish.  Nipples, water sports, cross dressing, gagging, bondage, tie and tease, poppers, breath control, face sitting, rimming, boot worship, dom and sub games... to be honest, loads of stuff.  And we used to go to fetish clubs together and play.  It was a great year of exploration and he truly educated me and enlightened me.

One of the things he wanted me to do to him was shag him up the bum with a strap on.  I was really careful as I didn't want to hurt him. He was on his back playing with himself.  I wanted him to relax so I licked his crack.  I loved burying my face between his bum cheeks.  And running my tongue all over his sensitive ass, and balls...and that delicious bit in between!!!  I wore some latex gloves, lubed him up and gently fingered him.  I lubed up my cock and pressed it against his hole...

And I think I'll leave it there!  What I will say is, it was very intimate and special as there's so much caution and trust and respect involved.  A beautiful moment shared and utterly horny.

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