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25th September 2013

Ok...thank you ALL so much for your submissions to the competition,\"Music to have sex to\".I have chosen the Winner and I will be emailing you shortly!Hey what do you all think of my twitter feed?... (click for full article)

25th September 2013
Chikan porn have been introduced to Chikan porn.  I am fascinated by Oriental men and the type of kinky shit that turns them on.I get asked all the time... do you get japanese guys? ... (click for full article)

31st August 2013
Update! - TOP 5 SEX SONGS - What you have sent me so far!

Hello gorgeous, I have received a lot of emails and texts in response to my request for you to submit your TOP 5 SONGS to have SEX to.Below is what I have received since the request went up thursday late at night.(I hope I haven\'t... (click for full article)

29th August 2013
Music you want to have sex to

Ok...I love music and I love music that gets my mind in the mood for sex...and music that makes my fanny wet...and music that makes me want to be filled with cock...and music that makes me want Charlotte\'s punani on my face...Ahem... (click for full article)

29th August 2013
Captain69 Reviews - like you needed convincing

As promised, for the benefit of those who are not paid up members of Captain 69, here are my reviews.For those of you who are members and want to read the originals, login to search for me. My Captain 69 ID i... (click for full article)

23rd August 2013
Amateur pics: Secretary Roleplay

Being a naughty secretary has never been so much fun...Christine Love - your British London escort secretary xxx... (click for full article)

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