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13th May 2017
Personalised Perfume - Where to buy it in London

 Posterity & perfumery. Yes - dear reader - one can now immortalise oneself in scent. And how might i go about such an endeavour, i hear you chirp? Well, allow me to show you. Or quite simply, just&nbs... (click for full article)

7th May 2017
Why We Love Quest Bars

Dear Reader, this might be a short blog. Because i'm tired. And more importantly because i've run out of Quest Bars. Oh the irony! On the plus side though, the withdrawal phase has facilitated the d... (click for full article)

28th April 2017
Boy's Toys

One individual from my stable of submissive pleasure seeking slaves is extremely unusual. I like to think i've seen (& heard) it all, but this particular fellow takes the concept of perversity to an entirely dif... (click for full article)

21st April 2017
CFNM - Part Five

CFNM - Part Five Around three hours & four or so intense ejaculations later, I again limber up to Herfried with the huge black dong. "Ready now, slave..?" He nods, wordlessly. Exhausted but utterly obedient. ... (click for full article)

14th April 2017
CFNM - Part Four

CFNM - Part Four When I get to the bed I stand a small distance away, silent and not moving an inch. Herfried moves his head expectantly from side to side, eagerly anticipating what might come next. He cranes his h... (click for full article)

8th April 2017
CFNM - Part Three

I place the huge dong on his chest, so the slave has a constant view of what our stated objective is. The vague equivalent of drawing a large phallus on a blackboard, as a lone child scribbles his repeated p... (click for full article)

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