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21st July 2018
The importance of maintaining romance in a long term relationship X

Have you ever wondered how a couple who have been together for years still love each other? If you didn’t know better, they could still be courting. Well, nutty ‘Professor’ Love has squeezed in a few minutes from her... (click for full article)

14th July 2018
Have you been thinking of sucking cock. It is ok to be curious... X

Boys will be boys! I’m genuinely surprised by a number of guys who have expressed an interest in sucking cock, but who are afraid to do so. They fear their masculine image will be dented somewhat. It seems when two women engag... (click for full article)

7th July 2018
High heels are so sexy and there are scientific reasons behind it...

I can’t go any where without my Christian Louboutin Stilettos, and I have numerous pairs to choose from whilst preparing for a date. I wonder though, have you ever stopped to consider why heels are so god damn sexy? Well, let ... (click for full article)

30th June 2018
Why do you like latex so much? Here are some reasons

In my profession I cater for many fetishes, some more unusual than others (like a client who enjoyed being humiliated whilst dressed as a cheerleader). A fetish can be defined as: ‘A form of sexual desire in which gratificatio... (click for full article)

23rd June 2018
My ridiculously amazing trip away with Mr NYC

I’ve just returned from an exhilarating trip to Edinburgh with Mr NYC, and thought I would share with you. Edinburgh, along with London, is one of my favourite cities in the world. I met Mr NYC at the train station and we cau... (click for full article)

9th June 2018
Men who like brown eyes also tend to like...

I’ve often wondered whether eye colour makes a difference when it comes to romance and bedroom shenanigans. You can tell a lot about a person from their eye colour. It is thought that men with brown eyes (the most common eye ... (click for full article)

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