Trying to find some porn this morning...

4th February 2013

Trying to find some porn this morning...


So I quite like the vibe of the first 10 mins of this one, then I got quite bored and I skipped and started to like her on top action at 19.30 and then even more so at 20.30.  Very horny and raw.

But to be honest it hasn't managed to arouse me to cum yet.  I think its the overly fake tits that are putting me off... but I loved the energy in the role play of the first 10 mins...very in depth and fairly well done considering this is main stream porn attempting a dash of dominant role play.


Best Tit Wank Compilation

I just love watching men spunk on womens tits and then the woman rubs it on her tits. PHWOAR!

So the bit that got it for me was 5.07  ...because actually I think she is quite pretty and exotic and a bit innocent. And I love how the cum gathers in a pool at the base of her neck!! Is it the funniest little details that turn you on!  Anyway! need to get back to work!!