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18th December 2019
Bisexual and proud

Many of you have been lucky enough to experience a tryst with one of my fabulous friends and can whole heartily say it was worth it. Many companions offer a threesome and claim to be bisexual, but few genuinely are. I, on the other... (click for full article)

13th December 2019
Ben the Machoman

I unzірреd mу ѕkіrt, lеttіng іt fall down my ѕtосkіngеd thighs, ѕtерріng оut оf thе ѕkіrt I fоldеd it оvеr a bush. Plасіng mу hаn... (click for full article)

5th December 2019
My not so Virgin travel guides…

Now and again (actually more frequently than you might imagine), I tend to go globetrotting. Now I don’t tour per say, heavens above, I’m not a rock band! I much prefer spending quality time with one lover at a time, and ... (click for full article)

23rd November 2019
Anxious...But Excited

It is truly an honour, in my profession, to help those who are of a nervous disposition (to say the least).Let's take 'Mr J', for example. Aged 38, & complete virgin; to be honest I think I was more nervous than him about getti... (click for full article)

19th November 2019
Top UK hotels I’d like to experience with you...(Something interesting and luxurious).

Some of favourite dates are when clients take me to luxurious and interesting hotels. I enjoy soaking up the trimmings of opulence in an up market venue. It’s the contrast between being smart and ladylike in the hotel dining r... (click for full article)

13th November 2019
Just Me

I hаvе еnjоуеd a vаrіеtу оf еrесt сосkѕ durіng thіѕ tіmе аnd оnе оr twо, I muѕt say, wеrе еxсерtіоnаl, vеrу lar... (click for full article)

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