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23rd August 2013
Duo escort friend and I in London mayfair hotel

A blonde and a brunette.  Both British bi sexual escorts.  We like licking each other all over...We like kissing...We like you watching masturbating...We like you getting between us...We like making each other come ... (click for full article)

23rd August 2013
I have just wanked to this bukkake porn\'t it filthy and wrong.Christine Love - your british london escort ... (click for full article)

24th June 2013
who fancies a duo with michelle and I at my place at 8.30pm 1 hr?

Text me for details 07525365365... (click for full article)

20th June 2013
Tony Blair says,"I have never come so hard" Posted 20 May 2013 - 16:48 christine love http://lovechristine...t-christine.php   She\'s e... (click for full article)

19th June 2013

Hi Irish man....You sent me a lovely email and booking I was reading your well written fantasy my finger slid on the delete button!Its these long nails I have at the moment...and my iphone... and my technological inep... (click for full article)

19th June 2013
Mr Love asks me about my American Lover

Mr Love asks me about my American LoverYes I do have a partner and yes he does know what I do.And sometimes he asks me how my day (or night) was. And sometimes I tell him.  I never give out names of course.Most of the time my ... (click for full article)

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