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30th March 2017
CFNM Part Two

Herfried's frantic movements are getting a bit much now so I slowly slide away from him, my long dark hair caressing his body from his chest and all the way down to his thighs. His trouser... (click for full article)

21st March 2017
CFNM - Part One

One of my favourite clients just loves being objectified. And Christ on a bike, do i enjoy objectifying him?! He's in his mid 20's, has that toned Germanic look I adore and has an utterly fi... (click for full article)

28th February 2017
The Great Sex Guide? Shut Up!

I've recently received a copy of The Great Sex Guide by Anne Hooper as a joke Christmas present. And believe me, this book is a bloody joke. In fact it's one of the most ridiculous things I've ever seen brought to print. Let'... (click for full article)

21st February 2017
Latex Hood Hogmanay - Part Seven

Leaving a small soft plug inside him, I rummage through my bag of tricks and settle on a metal curved 'corkscrew effect' double ended dildo for the finale. This will surely push him over the edge with just enough the r... (click for full article)

14th February 2017
Latex Hood Hogmanay - Part Six

"Now Thomas this won't hurt...too much." I place both nipple clamps onto his nipples, and ever so slowly tighten them. He's got a high pain threshold so it's around ten seconds before he begins jerking around &a... (click for full article)

6th February 2017
Latex Hood Hogmanay - Part Five

At this rate he's going to cum without me even touching his cock, and that is simply not acceptable. I remove my crotch from his hungry mouth, and get off the bed. Time for a little pain, I think. First though... (click for full article)

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