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10th May 2013
My French Lover

Smooth skin, fine bone structure, crystal clear eyes, again reserved...much like my English man.I had been thinking about him all day.  I stopped myself wanking several times....had about 3 baths to distract myself..went to th... (click for full article)

8th May 2013
You all wank about me

It is really strange sometimes.I lie here in my boudoir... in the ten minute countdown before my guest arrives for an hour of fun...And I am thinking of all the sumptuous delicious men that I have had the pleasure of sampling...who... (click for full article)

18th April 2013
Busy girls are busy because they are good

I just love this photo. It speaks a thousand words.... (click for full article)

11th April 2013
Captain69 Review

Reviewer Looks Service Brunel 10 10 ... (click for full article)

14th March 2013

Hi pervs,One of my darling regulars informed me of a field report that one of my visitors has taken the time to write about me on have copied and pasted the entire thing here - with no editing.I hav... (click for full article)

9th March 2013
Girl on Girl Porn that got me off this morning

So this morning I have been wanking to the following porn... tend to find a blonde with big tits and that plastic look tends to do it for me.....I was over 6 mins in and... (click for full article)

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