I have just enjoyed some Tit Wank Porn

2nd December 2012

I have just enjoyed some Tit Wank Porn

Hello you,

As some of you know, I touch myself around 6 times a day.
I believe it is good for you, like 5 portions of fruit and veg a day.

I like a varied amount of porn to assist me in "completing".
My favourite website is Porn Hub - for the terribly unsexy reason that it is easy to navigate!!! Lol
And not too many pop ups.   If you have a better website - do write in.

Today I indulged in a tit wank compilation:-


I was PARTICULARLY aroused by the segment about six minutes in....
In fact from 6:24 to 6:52.

I mean look at his big hands gently squeezing her plump full firm breasts...
And his hard, thick cock... squirting oodles of cum...
I do not know if its the slow motion or what but that just got me screaming.