What Turns ME On Part 2 of 8 - Seducing the Boss

4th February 2013

What Turns ME On Part 2 of 8 - Seducing the Boss


You will find this hard to believe, but when I was growing up I was very horny and wanted to explore my body.

I was a confident little madam with an eye for older men who could teach me sexual skills.  For some reason that has always been high on my priority list!  What is the point of living if you can't give good head?!!   I had a really strict upbringing.   So I was very keen to break free of that and I felt liberated when I took control of a situation.  Like when I seduced my boss...

He was older.  I was very young. I had lied about my age to get the job, he believed me.  He would have believed anything ;-)   Now I would always flirt with him.   Mainly with my smouldering eyes and sharp one liners.  Oh yes... and we used to text, that's right.  Its such a long time ago.  We used to TEXT AND TEXT AND TEXT.  And the texts got really pornographic.  And I was so wet. And we would work together and pretend the texts never happened.  Then on our separate ways home, resume the text fest.
One night, after a REALLY busy couple of weeks, we unusually found ourselves alone in the place.  Conversation between us gets to the texting that has been going on for months.  I start reading my favourite texts of his in my sexy posh voice... As he is sitting there, I notice he gets hard.  So hard, his pre-cum seeps through his trousers.  I walk up to him, I run my knee over his cock.  He is petrified of me and doesn't move.  I kneel down and suck the pre-cum through his trousers. I wanted to taste him.  He lifts me up and we kiss and kiss and kiss..... so wet and passionately, that I was literally dripping.

And I think I'll leave it there!  What I will say is...we never had sex and I was not promoted or fired!

I feel really embarrassed! I'm squirming.