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30th January 2017
Latex Hood Hogmanay - Part Four

I siddle up to Thomas, and lay down on the bed next to him very close. He can feel my breasts pushing into his body, and he groans slightly. I stroke his chest gently, and open the mouth layer of latex that was tightly popp... (click for full article)

22nd January 2017
Latex Hood Hogmanay - Part Three

"Are we alright in there Thomas?" "Aye, everything's peachy. It's a whole other world in here! Nae stress & nae bother, ye ken?" "Aye, I was in there myself yesterday. I can still taste & sm... (click for full article)

14th January 2017
Latex Hood Hogmanay - Part Two

We have the hangover sex. Which is definitely the best thing about hangovers, it makes sex even more deliriously intense. It also tends to double my usual sex drive, which is admittedly very high anyway. I cum twice in a... (click for full article)

7th January 2017
Latex Hood Hogmanay - Part One

I have a client who lives in Edinburgh and has a serious latex fetish. I adore both latex & Edinburgh, so particularly look forward to these sessions.  I meet Thomas in the hotel bar, and we relax... (click for full article)

12th December 2016
Big Dicks Are Overrated

Big Dicks Are Overrated Personally, i have catered to anything from one inch to six inch & enjoyed it. Seven inches i can handle. But anything upwards of that, i have been known to refuse. I do not enjoy the sensation of ... (click for full article)

18th November 2016

Thank You For The CartoonsI would just like to thank artist JMX for giving me a gift, that consisted of six sexually themed cartoons. They're just so original and so wonderful and so beautiful, and such a lovely gift to recei... (click for full article)

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