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13th February 2020
You and Me

In a brеаthу vоiсе, I whіѕреr, "I nееd уоu іn mе. Nоw." And in аnd instant уоu аrе ѕtаndіng, уоur rосk hаrd length аt mу еntrаn... (click for full article)

6th February 2020
I have a watersports fantasy that goes a little like this…

I am the Queen of watersports. That’s a fact dear reader. For the naïve amongst you, I’m not talking about playing with a super soaker (unless it’s yours!). I am referring to what is termed Urolagnia or being urin... (click for full article)

21st January 2020
Why Me?

What are you looking for? And why? What's your motivation? What can I provide that a civilian woman cannot? And why have you chosen me above all the others?   You have detected an "x" factor quality about me that resonat... (click for full article)

19th January 2020
I love all things leather. An ode to leather fetish

One common request I get from clients is to dress up in leather, be it just for the look or a full on bondage kink fest. I have a few different outfits I can bring along, not limited to leather boots, leather corsets and lingerie. ... (click for full article)

6th January 2020
Flirting tips for boys…

Flirting is a time honoured silent language between men and women which suggests deeper interest in one another. It is part of a primeval behaviour designed so we can find a mate and multiply. Oh dear, we are back to cavemen again!... (click for full article)

18th December 2019
He Called From A Withheld Number

I was expecting a call from my bank, confirming a deposit from another client, which is why I answered the withheld number. I don't normally answer withheld numbers, as I find them cagey and offensive.And so it went...Me: "He... (click for full article)

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