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3rd May 2016
Jewish Man Enjoys Being Tied Up

Jewish Man Enjoys Being Tied UpI have a Jewish client who i've seen a few times now. But this time he wanted to up the try something a diddle bit different, an ickle bit he decided to try a tie & tease ... (click for full article)

9th April 2016
Teenage escorts

Teenage EscortsNow i have a gentleman, Mr Rufflebottom, who is addicted to threesomes. He just loves watching two girls interact with each other. And he likes me to choose the other girl, all be it with loose guidelines from him.He... (click for full article)

19th March 2016
Adult Channels on Sky Television

The Adult Channels on Sky Television"There is no such thing as beauty, especially in the human face… what we call the physiognomy. It’s all a mathematical and imagined alignment of features. Like, if the nose doesn?... (click for full article)

2nd March 2016
Hentai Porn

Hentai PornDear Reader,I've just had the most glorious Hentai Wank, and would like to discuss the matter with you post-haste (below the waist).The particular video i saw was this one : (click for full article)

25th February 2016
British Escorts

British EscortsGenerally speaking, I believe British Escorts & British Porn Stars have something about them that makes them quite special indeed. I think it's because they're supposed to be well brought up, to be prim, ... (click for full article)

8th February 2016

CouplesMy curvaceous physique appeals not only to men with a Y chromosome, but also to some of their wives or girlfriends. And i have a lot of couples who like to be entertained by me for the evening.I do recommend two hours ... (click for full article)

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