What Turns Me On Part 1 of 8

2nd February 2013

What Turns Me On Part 1 of 8

I would apologise for not blogging in a while but quite frankly you can imagine why I haven't ;-)

3 main reasons for my blogging absence:-

1.  I relished in having some fantastic fornicating experiences in the last couple of months

2.  I was also VERY FAR away over Christmas. (VERY glad to be back - I think I am allergic to leaving London.  I am a sucker for....you know....amenities, taxis, hot water, wifi!!!)

3.  I was away on business.  As some of you know I have a business outside of this wonderful world of entertaining and now and again I leave London to build that a little.


Back to the matter in hand - What Turns ME On

I get asked this so frequently I felt I should address it.  Not so much to stop the question from being asked in future, but to shed some light on what appears to be a topic of interest to you.

Now I actually find this very hard to answer.  Why? 

Because what turns me on depends on the circumstances:- how over sexed or under sexed I am, whether I am alone or with people and if so are they doing it for me, whether I have been traveling and I'm nippy or whether I'm relaxed and just back from the spa!! 
And whether the porn is good and I have enough double A batteries to last me all night!!!!  HAHA!  :-)

I mean I am sure you can relate to this....you could find yourself in a orgy/with a seriously hot escort/with a woman you have wanted for so long (or any other highly charged sexual encounter) and find it the dullest thing since parking tickets began.

...  How am I going to share this with you...hmmm... I know!  As it is so circumstantial,

I'll just share 8 REAL circumstances in my personal life where I was massively turned on.

(In the making of these memories, condoms were worn throughout and all parties involved consented and in fact RAVED about it later. )

SO, in NO particular order:-


I was dating this guy  (some men are 'men', this one was a 'guy') and he was lovely, cute, sweet, pale skin, green eyes, dark spiky hair.  Nice teeth...GREAT kisser.  Made an adorable 'squeak' when he came!! LOL I digress...  Now I can't remember everything but I remember going back to his flat and for some reason his brother was staying with him.  I think his brother was between leases. ANYWAY....I turned to my 'guy' and said,"Oh! you never told me you had a TWIN brother..."
This twin was taller, stronger, sharper, snazzier, cockier, funnier, more confident... and clearly thought he was sex on legs.   As it happens I still preferred my underdog version of this twin set.
To cut to the juice, I somehow ended up being spit roasted! I was in doggy, my guy was in my mouth and his brother was in my vagina (the brother had a bigger cock but added no value to my experience).  THEN, I look up... and the brothers KISSED!!!!!! THEY KISSED!!!! WITH TONGUES!!!!   AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!    Now I am the least judgemental person ever - each to their own!  But some would call that incest and most would say that's 'socially unacceptable' - and there's something sexy about taboo. So yes because its taboo, I was turned on.

Part 2 of 8 will be coming soon so stay tuned!