Flirting tips for boys…

6th January 2020

Flirting tips for boys…

Flirting is a time honoured silent language between men and women which suggests deeper interest in one another. It is part of a primeval behaviour designed so we can find a mate and multiply. Oh dear, we are back to cavemen again! In theory it is a natural process, however some of my gentlemen friends struggle grasp it (but seemingly have no issues with grasping my rear end…). You see, flirting can often be confused with signs of friendship. So here are some signs that the beautiful brunette sitting at the bar has taken a liking to you.

1. She makes intense eye contact. This is a surprisingly intimate action and easy to miss. If you do it for long enough, she might just fall in love with you. Note, this is not a cue to stare at every drop dead gorgeous woman you see. She has to make eye contact in return!

2. She playfully touches you. The important word here is playfully; a firm touch on your upper back doesn’t count. If she touches you on your arm, knee or shoulder, then you are in business! I need not tell you what she is indicating if her hand lands on your groin…mind you, its most probably mine!

3. Her voice will sound higher pitched. Most women when speaking to their female friends speak in a lower tone of voice. If she is interested in you, expect a high pitched express train of words and sentences, showing a level of excitement.

4. Observe her hands, for open hand gestures are a good indication she is flirting with you. She will likely be subconsciously playing with her hair a lot, running her hands through it. Any kind of arm folding should be taken as a negative sign.

5. We tend to smile when we are happy, but women tend to smile in a certain way when they are interested in someone. This is called the Crows Feet smile, and it causes small facial muscles to contract, leading to the appearance of wrinkles around the corners of the eyes.

6. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and women often use it to attract a partner. If she copies your body language, she is unconsciously showing interest. Take particular note of her feet (regardless whether you have a foot fetish); they are likely to be pointed towards you.

I hope that has been of some help. If you require any practical examples of flirting, I am always happy to oblige, although we might go a stage further…