Anxious...But Excited

23rd November 2019

Anxious...But Excited

It is truly an honour, in my profession, to help those who are of a nervous disposition (to say the least).

Let's take 'Mr J', for example. Aged 38, & complete virgin; to be honest I think I was more nervous than him about getting it 'right'.

the initial premature squirt in the shower, we were both able to calm
down, have a gin & tonic, and I was able to learn more about Mr J.
What was unfolding before my very eyes was a very cutely funny &
attractive young man, lacking only one thing - confidence.

didn't want him to leave with a merely perfunctory shag. If he wanted
to just tick a box, he could have chosen anyone. But he chose me, and I
both endeavoured & succeeded in penetrating his mind.

am by no means a psychologist. However having come into intimate
contact with a multitude of men & women over the years, and being a
naturally caring person, I felt compelled to help Mr J by letting him in
on a few secrets of the female psyche.

Clearly he left with far more than he asked for - he experienced a change in perspective.
I am pleased to learn that he has recently joined a dating site, which
is the first step towards something he would not have done before.

It was a pleasure to help you, and I wish you all the best.