Bisexual and proud

18th December 2019

Bisexual and proud

Many of you have been lucky enough to experience a tryst with one of my fabulous friends and can whole heartily say it was worth it. Many companions offer a threesome and claim to be bisexual, but few genuinely are. I, on the other hand, truly love being with a woman and will happily snog and fondle with the best of them.

I first discovered I was attracted to women whilst in boarding school (for non-English readers, this is a single sex school where pupils stay at the school instead of going home). Surrounded by beautiful femininity and a lack of cock, I could not control my desires. My first ‘victim’ was a gorgeous redhead with ample chest, and I was completely smitten. I remember sneaking off with her during lunch and making out behind the back of school on some steps. One thing led to another, certain fingers went wandering and found something soft and moist…

Your sexual orientation defines who you are, it isn’t a choice and can often fluctuate. A straight woman in her 30s and 40s can still fall in love with another woman, especially if all the men she has met are losers. The question to ask one’s self is, why does society tends to reject those of us who do not conform? If two straight men start kissing, they are generally laughed at and ridiculed by their peers. If two women kiss, straight or otherwise, it is seen as sexual and erotic (I don’t disagree with this!). We live in a heteronormative society, where it is considered normal to see a man and woman together. Even after birth, boys and girls fitted into a gender narrative. I mean, boys must like blue, and girls like pink, right? There is ample media representation of heterosexual romance. On TV shows, movies, it’s always heterosexual couples making out. Rarely do we see two women or men intimately enjoying each other’s company.

Normality is overrated in my humble opinion, and I think each to their own. Some of my best friends in the biz are gay, bisexual and Trans, and they are truly wonderful people. I’m proud to enjoy the company of both men and women, and I highly recommend you book me with one of my many female lovers to experience something really special. Sometimes three isn’t a crowd.