My not so Virgin travel guides…

5th December 2019

My not so Virgin travel guides…

Now and again (actually more frequently than you might imagine), I tend to go globetrotting. Now I don’t tour per say, heavens above, I’m not a rock band! I much prefer spending quality time with one lover at a time, and having access to a British passport means I can visit gentlemen in most countries. In fact, some of my most memorable experiences have been naughty weekends away, momentarily escaping the hustle and bustle of London life. So I thought I would list three of my favourites, and provide a taster that sparks your imagination.

Monaco/Monte Carlo

I love Monaco, especially during the Formula One weekend. The glitz, glamour, it just oozes grandeur. Why not invite me to stay on board your luxury yacht, or perhaps a high end hotel such as the Hotel de Paris. There are plenty of attractions when the Grand Prix is not on; why not take me to the famous Casino de Monte Carlo so we can try our luck on roulette tables, followed by a stroll along the Boulevard Princesse Charlotte. No need to worry if you don’t strike the jackpot, with me on your arm, you already have.


Paris is another destination I adore, not least because I am fluent in French. There is something about the French accent that turns me on. Paris is so romantic, the thought of cuddling up to you on top of the Eiffel Tower as we gaze over the city of lights at dusk excites me. You can feel the bumps of my suspenders as you put your start exploring hands round my waist. Apparently, every hour from sunset until 1am the tower shimmers and sparkles. Although it won’t be the only thing shimmering, as you will discover once we return to your hotel.


Yes, bonnie Scotland. Now before you say, ‘Christine, that’s not very exotic, surely somewhere like the Maldives would be much more exciting’, I will say I have Scottish roots, hence why I love this city so much. And I’m never been much of a beach bum! I find Edinburgh has a charm of its own, and the people are very friendly. Dining options are varied, some favourites of mine include The Kitchin and Hawksmoor. There are so many stylish boutiques to explore, and I’ve yet to find tartan lingerie, so there’s a challenge for you.