He Called From A Withheld Number

18th December 2019

He Called From A Withheld Number

was expecting a call from my bank, confirming a deposit from another
client, which is why I answered the withheld number. I don't normally
answer withheld numbers, as I find them cagey and offensive.

And so it went...

Me: "Hello." 
Him: "Christine?" 
Me: "Well, that depends really." 
Him: "Sorry..?" 
Me: "May I ask who I'm speaking to? I don't usually answer withheld numbers." 
Him: "But you answered this one?!" 
Me: "I'm waiting for a call from my bank." 
Him "Oh..." 
this tricky start, and him agreeing to pay a deposit up front (what
with him being a previously unknown quantity to me), we meet at The
Connaught Hotel. When I arrive at his room, he answers the door wearing
his wife's satin nighty.
wanted me to slide my hands all over his body, and tell him how bad he
was for wearing his wife's clothes. I was more than happy to put him
straight on just how bad he was. And to put him over my knee & spank
him in the process.

After being disciplined, he masturbated himself to completion (after asking my permission first, of course).
It's amusing how certain men have a complete personality change once they have orgasmed.

I noticed I was moist in the cab back to my flat.