8th February 2016



curvaceous physique appeals not only to men with a Y chromosome, but
also to some of their wives or girlfriends. And i have a lot of couples
who like to be entertained by me for the evening.

I do recommend two hours for this, purely for practical reasons.

enjoy it very much, as i am completely bisexual. Most of the couples I
meet have found it to be an intensely intimate experience, and it has
greatly improved their understanding of each others' kinks.

the small proportion who didn't enjoy themselves, these are the sort of
couples who haven't fully grasped the idea that another woman will be in
the room, naked, and doing naughty things to either party. And so if
you're the jealous sort, it's probably best not to book me for such a

However if you like the idea of swinging or going to crazy fetish parties, then I'll gladly come along and we'll have a whole lot of fun together.

Sounds good..?