First Transsexual Experience

20th January 2016

First Transsexual Experience

Now some of you who come to see me for my Girlfriend Experience, are quite vanilla, and I love you guys for that.

Yet others of you come to see me for more exotic pursuits, shall we say..

particular gentleman was fixated by the concept of transsexuals. And
whilst that's not everyone's cup of tea, what all my clients have in
common is an understanding that it's all 'horse for courses'.

So if this subject matter offends you then you're obviously one of my vanilla's, so please click 'exit' now.

However if you're a kinky sort of gent, then please do read on..

I've been seeing the gentleman for some time, and he likes anal play
(on him), with a strap-on. The interest just grew & grew & grew,
until he wanted to try the real thing...with a she-male.

I organised it for him. And he was blown away by that experience.

that meeting I've had the pleasure of about eight different T-Girls.
Some are very pretty, some are very punctual, some are very erect, and
some are...very good.

So if this is something you fancy
doing, and you need me to hold your hand, let me know & I'll be glad
to organise it for you.