October availability

10th September 2015

October availability

Mr Vlad (who loves the attention he gets from me on my twitter feed  :-P )
has booked up quite a bit of my time during his stay in London from the 22nd of Oct to the 30th Oct (both dates inclusive).

Therefore, in order not to spread myself too thinly,
my hourly rate on those dates is £350 per hour.
And it is probably wise to book in advance.
Because there are only 24 hours in the day.
And as fairly gifted as I am, I can't replicate myself.
And I am not about to start gathering you all around and have a bukkake session with ten of you at the same time!
I am sure, if you're one of my sort, that is not your bag either. 

I could have just declared myself unavailable for the whole time but I am thinking of the regulars who are only in London for the day, or those whose lifestyles offer them limited opportunities to play.  I do not like leaving my regulars "high and dry" (unless that is their kink of course...).  I always try to be as accommodating as I can be.

So, I have made myself available to you without compromising myself, my energy, my joie de vivre. 

I never want to see this as "a job" but rather as... "sexy play time" and restricting hours is a part of that.  So thank you for understanding.

Check my calendar for my specified premium rate days and fiscally
prepare for them
avoid them as your cash versus horniness quandry/needs dictate.


Any date that has not got a price specified on it is just a normal rate day as per my Rates page - typically simply
stating "In London".
If in doubt, text me.

So have a look at my calendar, pick your day and send me a text to book in your next naughty session...

Lots of love and kisses,
Christine Love