British Escorts

25th February 2016

British Escorts

British Escorts

speaking, I believe British Escorts & British Porn Stars have
something about them that makes them quite special indeed. I think it's
because they're supposed to be well brought up, to be prim,
proper & well educated. And then they do all these contrarily
debauched things - like porn & escorting - and there's just
something deliciously naughty about that juxtaposition.

The very idea gets
my juices flowing : The cross-culturally-colonised Americanised British
somehow gone wrong, led astray. The post-feminist
modern-British...class corrupted, defiled yet liberated. Phwoor!

also think the British make very decent service providers, because they
uphold standards, and tend to have a good sense of humour. And isn't it
jolly good being able to converse extensively in English with a person
during your booking? Not only is it a meeting of bodies, but it's a
meeting of minds. And even in the most [aesthetic? - sorry can't hear the word!] the
physical part of the booking doesn't tend to last quite as long as the
conversational part, and you want to be choosing a girl who - given
different circumstances, if you bumped into each other in the 'real
world' - maybe something would have sparked anyway.

And another
thing about having a British Escort, is that you can have a better gauge
of her motives for doing this type of work. And you can hopefully
gather that she's not pimped or trafficked? Now I'm sure there are some
English girls who are working under duress, only i've not met any
myself (as all the ones i've met have been gloriously filthy & willing milf's).

Of course there are many foreign escorts in London who have been here for many years, and work
completely of their own free will. But there are also many who do not - and do you really have the time to decipher that?

so to conclude, let's hear it for good ol' fashioned British values.
Impeccable manners and the highest regard for standards, complemented
with a less than liberal smattering of wilfully unreserved sexual

British Totty surely equals Sensible Strumpet Choices. So come on boys, let's Buy British!

"Everyone's a winner, babe."
"Hear, hear."