1st October 2014



Everyone has different turn ons and
turn offs. 

What is pleasurable for
one might not be for another.  I
see a lot of things that "normal" people might consider weird but if it brings you
pleasure (and you're not negatively affecting anyone or thing around you)…that’s good enough for me.

I have this one client, Mr. Baguette,
who opened my eyes to a wonderful new way to bring him pleasure.  He always brings me delicious
wine.  It often temps me to have a
glass and stray from my usual gin.

Mr. Baguette does not enjoy full on
kissing or “typical” oral/penetrative sex.  But sometimes "normal" sex is not enough to ignite ones fire...  Instead of the norm, Mr. Baguette gets
pleasure from touching himself in the bath while I pee on him…rubbing my golden shower all
over himself.  And that accent…oh
my! The French sure have a way with words. 

It’s so fascinating what people get
up to behind closed doors, what turns them on.  I have been able to learn so much through experience like
the ones with Mr. Baguette.  It’s
perfectly ok to be weird.  It’s delicious!

I love that I can help people find pleasure, even if what turns them on is not
the “norm”.


Don’t worry if you’re weird…come and
see me ;)

Lots of Love,

Christine xxx