French Face sitting slut

21st October 2014

French Face sitting slut

Mr. Bordeaux, you dirty big fanny licking, wine guzzling, cheese eating, pleasure seeking FRENCHman.


Oh Mr. Bordeaux, I love meeting you for a
leisurely lunch date and our conversations about all the different grapes and
wines.  I know you’re trying to
turn me into a wine connoisseur but I will always love my gin. 


Our lovely lunches are always followed by
some private time at my Chelsea apartment.  You just love licking me don’t you…feeling the weight of my
body and the moisture from my wetness. 
Sitting on your face is my favorite place to be when I am with you,
feeling you underneath me with me in control.  Queening is a pleasure with you Mr. Bordeaux.  I adore having you under my grasp,
there for my pleasure.  You want to
buy me another smother box don’t you? 
I know that turns me on, to think of you underneath me.


I also have a gift for you Mr. Bordeaux…

I was thinking next time we skip lunch and I sit on your face for the whole duration... might get peckish and eat lunch off your belly.

Till next time...

xx christine xx