Boss takes advantage of junior roleplay

5th October 2014

Boss takes advantage of junior roleplay

Mmmm I woke up this morning from a
delicious wet dream about my Japanese boyfriend. 

I dreamt that I was the boss of a large
company, with my Japanese boyfriend as a middle management nobody who was under
my thumb.  He was recently married...
has two kids, but I make him spend time at work.  He said that he would never cheat on his wife…but that’s not
an option with me as his boss.  He
is mine.  He was mine first, before
the wife and before the kids.  I am
in control of him.  Sometimes I
have to remind him of that.  I will
call him at his desk at work and make him talk dirty to me.  I can see him blushing in his cubicle
from my office, but he does as he is told. 


In this dream I would sometimes keep him in the office work after hours...after everyone has gone... and force him to pleasure me with his tongue. 

I always have him attend any important meetings. Oh he’s not making decisions at these
meetings.  Oh no... his job is to be
under my desk to make sure I enjoy the meeting as well as some of my female
clients.  He tells me that his wife
means the world to him, but he has no choice but to come to my office and
pleasure me when I call him.  Oh I
love being in control.  It makes me
wet just thinking about how I can have him whenever I want him. 


I woke up from this dream so wet and
horny.  Mmmmm


christine xxx