High heels are so sexy and there are scientific reasons behind it...

7th July 2018

High heels are so sexy and there are scientific reasons behind it...

I can’t go any where without my Christian Louboutin Stilettos, and I have numerous pairs to choose from whilst preparing for a date. I wonder though, have you ever stopped to consider why heels are so god damn sexy? Well, let me enlighten you.

Reason numero uno: Wearing heels makes a woman’s breasts look larger, as they cause her back to over arch, thrusting the breasts forward. Studies have shown that men, being visual creatures, are attracted to women with more prominent breasts. Heels can also make you look slimmer, so a man’s gaze is drawn to the entire body.

Reason numero deu: A woman’s buttocks appear fuller whilst wearing heels, as they are lifted by approximately 20-30%. The larger the heel, the greater the lift. Heels also shape the legs, making them seem longer, something which men tend to fantasise about.

Reason numero tre: Whilst walking in heels, a woman’s hips and buttocks sway because heels shortens her gait, and appear more feminine.

Reason numero quattro: A woman’s feet look smaller in heels; men have evolved to be physically bigger than women and are typically attracted to more petite women.

Reason numero cinque: They pair brilliantly with stockings and suspenders. Nuff said really, it’s a classic look which never fails to attract men. Black stockings and suspenders paired with shiny black patent Louboutins will never be out of fashion.

How fascinating! There are of course many downsides to wearing heels, but I won’t bore you with the details. Let’s just say pleasure is close to pain.

Now which pair of Loubs shall I wear for my outcall tonight? Perhaps the silvery sparkly ones….