My ridiculously amazing trip away with Mr NYC

23rd June 2018

My ridiculously amazing trip away with Mr NYC

I’ve just returned from an exhilarating trip to Edinburgh with Mr NYC, and thought I would share with you. Edinburgh, along with London, is one of my favourite cities in the world.

I met Mr NYC at the train station and we caught up whilst walking to his 5-star hotel. Edinburgh was looking amazing as always, the air crisp and refreshing. We went straight to the bar at the hotel and ordered a couple of G&Ts. I needed one after the train journey! It had been a while since we each other last, and I could tell he was itching to get going.

But I wanted to tease him first. After all, we had all weekend. I suggested we adjourn to his suite to play before dinner. ‘I’m going to lock you up’ I thought to myself. Once in his room, I decided to show him the stunning array of implements I had bought with me. You see, Mr NYC is a kinky fellow, and enjoys being dominated.

‘Off with your togs’, I demanded. I’m your mistress now. Mr NYC complied, and stripped naked. ‘My, what a handsome body you have!’, I remarked. I produced a metal chastity, and set about attaching it to his cock. ‘I’m going to tease you before dinner’ I said. Mr NYC lied down on the bed, and I began playing with his cock. It was fascinating watching it grow harder, only to be constrained by the chastity. I didn’t realise there was so much room! I carried on teasing him for several minutes, before switching to some tickling. This resulted in quite a bit of fidgeting, forcing me to handcuff Mr NYC to the bed. Problem solved! I stripped off my dress to reveal leather underwear and rolled up some stockings and suspenders, making sure I did so slowly in an pin up style. I kissed his chest and working my way down to his groin again. Using the heel of my Louboutin’s, I poked at his sheathed cock, tapping them against the metal. I could see from his eyes that I was tormenting him. Next, I crawled on the bed and rubbed my stocking clad legs across his chest, giving a longing look into his eyes...

If Mr NYC thought he was going to be let loose, he had another thing coming! ‘Let’s go to The Kitchin and eat I said, then we can continue our play afterwards.’ The look on Mr NYC’s face was incredulous! The thought of having me tease him throughout dinner was almost too much.

I know Edinburgh like the back of my hand, and The Kitchin serves exquisite food. Over dinner, we talked about the delights of Edinburgh and some of our favourite places to go. All the time, I was teasing Mr NYC, playing footsie under the table with him. His cock was still rock hard, although it was difficult to tell with the chastity.
Back at the hotel, we carried on where we left off. Mr NYC wanted to engage in some foot fetish, and who was I to deny? I instructed him to lick my Louboutin’s clean, making sure his tongue went in all the crevices. He was clearly enjoying himself…almost a little too much.

‘Enough of that’, I barked. Back on the bed. Once again Mr NYC found himself tied up at my mercy. What a predicament he was in! I firmly attached some nipple clamps to his chest and started teasing him in earnest. Yet again, his cock was rock hard! Unfortunately, at that point play time came to an abrupt end, as did Mr NYC! To this day, I have no idea how he came inside whilst being in chastity, but he did in bucket loads!
We settled down to watch a movie together and sip some more G&Ts. I can punish him later I thought….I’ve only just started!