Girl on Girl Porn that got me off this morning

9th March 2013

Girl on Girl Porn that got me off this morning

So this morning I have been wanking to the following porn...

I tend to find a blonde with big tits and that plastic look tends to do it for me.....I was over 6 mins in and I'm still not anywhere near cumming... BUT THEN
6.50  to 7.26

PHWOAR I was so turned on by the guy splattering his cum on her tits and her friends face, then them sharing the cum and kissing. HORNY!!!!
I want to do that!

I am getting around 3 couple booking per month these days.
Where a man and wife or a man and his girlfriend invite me in to play.
I turn up....equipped!

They are really good fun.  I get a kick out of making a women cum.
I also do duos with Busty Charlotte ( (PSE - full on, adventurous, outrageous)
And Michelle whose pics can be seen on (GFE - feminine, sensual, erotic)

I have photoshoot on monday I am really nervous about it. :-(


On a side note, a lot of you have been loving my candid, raunchy and filthy blog.  And you have really connected to my inner perv (we all have an inner perv).  And you book me based on desire for a high octane sloppy blow job experience.  Just as an example.

And a lot of you are surprised that a "posh speaking lady" like myself would use such graphic language in my blog.  Because you lot are attracted to my educated mind, intelligent conversation and demure nature. 

Well I must say I am terribly fucking sorry as I am a mixture of both.

PS. Please buy me a faux full length fur coat, I already have the 'no knickers'.

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