What Turns ME On Part 5 of 8 - MISSIONARY

17th February 2013

What Turns ME On Part 5 of 8 - MISSIONARY


How did missionary make the list? 

Well we all know the best things in life are certainly not free ;-)

But sometimes...... simplicity is best.

And missionary is a timeless classic.

I find missionary can be REALLY intense.

Feeling the mans weight on me,
So much so... I'm breathless,
Appreciating the strength in his arms and chest and shoulders,
Watching his face fill with pleasure,
Running my nails down his back,
Gripping his bum and drawing him into me,
Inch by inch he penetrates me deeply,
My tits and nipples grazing against his chest hair,
His pubic hair grinding against my clit,
Feeling my juices squelch out of me,
His sweat dripping on me,
His scent filling my head with desire...

The climax in unison...

Missionary can absolutely be the best thing since durex.

Sigh....   I'm rather in the mood now!!! Tee hee hee! :-D