Teenage escorts

9th April 2016

Teenage escorts

Teenage Escorts

Now i have a gentleman, Mr Rufflebottom, who is addicted to threesomes. He just loves watching two girls interact with each other. And he likes me to choose the other girl, all be it with loose guidelines from him.

has a penchant for British mature forty or fifty plus women. However on
this particular occasion he wanted a change of scene (possibly because
we'd run out of mature well preserved milf's to invite to our party?!),
and he decided to go for a nineteen year old escort.

Now i don't
know anyone of that age. And i do think that to embark on this career
one needs to have a certain level of maturity, which at that age i
certainly didn't have. But i thought i'd go along with it, not least
because his gentleman (Mr Rufflebottom) is one of my favourite clientèle
(i think this works better without the 'work harder' etc bit). And as i didn't know anyone of that age, he did the research and found someone.

: What i'm about to say is not a reflection on all 19 year old escorts.
I'm sure some are fantastic, and what i'm about to relate here is
merely an account of what happened on this particular occasion...

so firstly she was 15 minutes late. And her hair stinks of cigarettes.
She is not dressed in the secretary outfit which he requested. And she
has a bit of a Diva-ish "So you wanna piece o' me? Well, you gotta pay
for it" type attitude. Which in a word was just, well...weird.

was immediately apparent from the look on her face when she entered the
room that she was not comfortable. So i took her into the bathroom, and
i asked her if she was ok.

She then proceeded to express these words :

"Hoooow? Can you see...him?!"
"Excuse me..?", i said.

And so it went on... :

"I don't think i can go through with this."
"What on earth are you talking about...?!"

From her actions and her words, i began to see him through her eyes - just to understand her. She saw
someone who is middle aged, probably her dad's age...overweight, rosy
cheeks from drinking too much brandy etc, and not a lot of hair.

Where as I looked
at him and saw a hilarious, charismatic, warm, cute gentleman. Who i
couldn't wait to see, and who i look forward to seeing every time he
books. My heart literally warms every time he sends me a text message.

when she eventually returned to the bedroom he felt uncomfortable.
Because when he went to touch her, he could feel her slinking &
sliding away.

Which was in such contrast to me shoving myself all over him, grabbing his hands and rubbing them all over me :)

net result was that she made him feel inadequate, and eventually he
told me to ask her to leave. And it was all very awkward.

So if you happen
to know any professional & enthusiastic young escorts, then please
do forward their details to me. I may well book them in the event of a
similar request arising in the future, as I do endeavour to enlist my
gentlemen with the joie de vivre duo partners which they deserve.