Hentai Porn

2nd March 2016

Hentai Porn

Hentai Porn

Dear Reader,

I've just had the most glorious Hentai Wank, and would like to discuss the matter with you post-haste (below the waist).

The particular video i saw was this one :


it's a real visual treat, right from the first frame - the vivid
contrasting glows of the reds & whites all around, the shiny flow of
her exquisitely cut hair & the curved ridged protuberances on her
ever shape-shifting 'magic stick' / crossbow / dildo. As the action
get's going (it wastes no time!), her pale face becomes almost
constantly flushed in both arousal & sometimes coy embarrassment.
And remember this is just a cartoon. It's not real! And yet it produces a
very real & visceral reaction in my loins...

So much so that
it allowed me to climax within my customary & preferred five minute
time-scale (please see my previous posting regards supposed 'female
friendly porn' that drags on forever & annoys me no end with it's
'slow build' approach). Anyhow, five minutes...not too shabby for a
cartoon, eh?

So what is it about Hentai Porn that i like
so much? How does it manage to be so erotic & tantalising, despite
being a product of mere pencils & pixels? Perhaps part of it is that
it's the ultimate fantasy, in that fantasy itself is a product of pure
imagination, and that many attempts to realise fantasy will often be
thwarted by practical & often unpredictable elements of reality?
Hentai never hides from this fact. Where as with real porn one might fantasise about meeting the participants in real life, and what that might be like, Hentai does not give anyone this option (although with recent advances in robotics technology, it soon might).

The 'biblically' voluminous amounts of swirling psychedelic semen in the cumshots are just one example
of the many ludicrous - yet mesmerizingly beautiful - extravagances to
be found here. Pure brain food for the perverted, if ever there was :)

is it the cutesy taboo of childish innocence that's part of the whole
allure? Is it Hentai's essential 'wrongness' - it's sexualised
depictions of borderline 'under-age' women - that really hits the
x-factor? I don't fancy under-aged men or women in real life, so why do i
find it so alluring here? Perhaps it's because one is being invited
& permitted to explore a deeply taboo area of the psyche, within the
'safe' confine of animated cyberspace?

Or perhaps it's best not
to think too hard about it, and get our heads into overly-serious
psycho-sexual knots? Sometimes reader, wanks work in mysterious ways.