Big Dicks Are Overrated

12th December 2016

Big Dicks Are Overrated

Big Dicks Are Overrated

i have catered to anything from one inch to six inch & enjoyed it.
Seven inches i can handle. But anything upwards of that, i have been
known to refuse. I do not enjoy the sensation of a massive appendage within me.

that also goes to girth. I have been horrified to unzip and find
something that has the girth of a can of coke! And they've been equally
surprised when i've sent them packing.

However, the United
Kingdom average is i believe anything from 5.5 inches to 6 inches long.
And it's surprising how many men who have that length of cock think that
theirs is really small, when in all actuality it's really average and
perfect for me. I think men watch porn and see these massive cocks which
are just injected with synthol, and the performers take all sorts of
supplements and undergo all sorts of surgery, to create such enormously
weird inflated cocks that are more like a bulging rubbery modern
skyscraper replica than an actual human sized penis.

And also, so
much of life is about the feeling it gives you. And the feeling of that
massiveness inside me is about as pleasant as having a demented dolphin
darting it's diabolically bulbous head into one's diaphragm. In other
words, it shouldn't be there.

Whereas on the other hand, the national average or below is a complete delight.

Sometimes an
overachiever can be the analogy i'd like to leave you
with. You know the type who imposes them-self into way too much of one's
time, space & attention.

He's overcocky, oversized, overrated...& i'm over it.