HD Porn

5th September 2016

HD Porn

Hd Porn Is A Bit Much

You know i'm not
sure about HD Porn. I think it's graphic to the point of potentially
being revolting. I just don't know if we need to see sex in such graphic
detail?! The idea is more appealing than the actual creases and
spotty asses and odd tufts of hair and miscellaneously coloured slobber
and juices and...well, all the bloody rest of it. I believe there's
something to be said for softer lighting and leaving something to the

When you look at a painting, the best aspect is
usually from a reasonable distance, thus allowing any imperfections in
the finish to be softened & allow each section of the piece to come
together thus forming an agreeable whole. Now i'm certainly not implying
that porn in any way approaches these painterly levels of aesthetic
artistry, but i do believe the same principle applies - that less (i.e.
graphic detail) can be essentially more. (The Dutch Renaissance Master
Pieter Bruegel The Elder may have a word or two to say on the importance
of detail, and disagree with my argument entirely...but alas i

The point i'm trying to make is that i do not believe
that graphic detail is necessary to get across the basic concept of what
the pornographic film-maker is trying to get across. And perhaps a more
appropriate analogy would be that of the horror movie - now i'm not a
massive fan of horror movies, but find the ones which do effectively
scare the living daylights out of me are those that never or rarely
actually show the object(s) of terror. To me, there's nothing
less scary than a laughably fake prosthetic / model-made / CGI inflated
monster / zombie / malign spirit / etc etc. And conversely in porn,
there's nothing more horrifically unsexy than the pixel sharp depiction
of every micro-millimetre of the human body (gynaecological close ups of
the interior of someone's anus included...euuughh). Give me a cheesy
70's soft focus retro classic any day (or night), and allow my more than
ample imagination to 'fill in the gaps' (fnar fnar).

Saying that
though, i don't have much time (literally!) for this softly softly
'female friendly porn' that goes on for hours and hours either. Who does
have the time for that?! When i want to knock one out it's going to
take five minutes, and anything more is somewhat intrusive on the
general business of having a life.

In summing up, the truth seems to be (as ever) in the grey areas between these polar extremes. Give me more than the bland white paint-drying slowness of 'female friendly porn'. And dear lord please save me from the gaping black-hole HD-orifices of the digital age.

There...I hath spoken.