CFNM - Part One

21st March 2017

CFNM - Part One

One of my favourite clients just loves being objectified. And Christ on a bike, do i
enjoy objectifying him?! He's in his mid 20's, has that toned Germanic look I adore and has an utterly filthy mind to boot.

A typical session (if such a thing indeed exists) goes something like this...

Herfried arrives, and i greet him by dragging him through the door by
his neck tie. Leading him to the boudoir I slam the door shut and push
him up against the wall. He pretends to struggle - entirely
disingenuously - but at least he's making an effort to please
me (I love it when they 'struggle').

I rip open his shirt in one swift motion. Buttons fly like sex-shrapnel
all about the boudoir, as I leave lipstick traces (spot the Manic Street
Preachers reference there?!) all over his shapely chest. Then I get my
hands around his waist, and with one swift
motion push him back onto the bed.

Quickly securing his wrists to the bedframe with metal cuffs (I don't
have time for rope right now, do I?!), I then proceed to deal with his
lower half. Unbuckling his thick black belt I rip open his slacks (more
collateral damage, a bust zipper this

Then I slow down, & begin the tease. I've got him where i want him, so now I can really have my fun...

I sit up astride of him looking him deep in the eyes, locking him into
my inscrutable gaze. He breathes deeply a few times then relaxes his
body, slowing down his breath to follow my lead. He doesn't know what to
do with his eyes, and looks genuinely awkward
a few times.

That makes me even more wet. I love mindfucking those shy Pilzner dependant German boys.

After holding my silent gaze for a good ten seconds, I then mercifully
relent & begin giggling. Before collapsing onto him and kissing him
long & hard on the mouth. Quick at first. Then slower and slower, as
my hips come to life and begin grinding against his

His tongue & hips reciprocate in direct proportion to mine, at first. But the more I slow down and the gentler I tease the tease, the more frantic his movements become.

Everything is going exactly according to plan.

And poor lucky Herfried doesn't know the half of it yet...