Personalised Perfume - Where to buy it in London

13th May 2017

Personalised Perfume - Where to buy it in London

 Posterity & perfumery. Yes - dear reader - one can now immortalise oneself in

And how might i go about such an endeavour, i hear you chirp? Well, allow me to
show you. Or quite simply, just follow your nose...

http://www.florislondon have
been delighting peoples' olfactory senses for around 300 years, so they
know a thing or two about the business. Stepping into their Jermyn
Street smellquarters is like stepping into another world. Ever read
'Perfume' by Patrick Suskind? Well if you have, then
visiting this bastion of scent will bring you right back to that book
(or the film featuring the ever excellent Ben Whishaw, although i've not
got around to seeing that yet).

staff at Floris were just exquisite. Extremely knowledgeable, but not
overbearing with it. Charming, but never glib or sycophantic.
And i left the shop with 

ingredients & manufacturing processes of every bespoke fragrance
are comprehensively logged (for better or worse) in their 300
year long scent archive. So the fragrance you create will effectively
'live forever.'

(Or until Trump presses the Big Red Button, at least).