Why cock size does not matter to women

19th May 2018

Why cock size does not matter to women

It’s a common stereotype, dear reader, that women are aroused by men with big cocks. This is partly fuelled by the porn industry, whose standard male performer seems to be a 6 foot stud muffin with what looks like the biggest cock on the planet. But we all know porn isn’t real life, don’t we?

Most men worry about the size of their one-armed bandit at some point in their lives; for some it causes a great deal of anxiety, as they feel their manhood is questioned. In fact, their fears are grounded because most women aren’t bothered by cock size, and would much rather be with someone who is warm, kind and funny than a guy with a telephone pole in his pants.

Studies have shown that women who are interested in girth (the average penis length is between 5-6 inches when erect and 3-4 inches when flaccid) are more concerned with penis width. But why I hear you cry? Well, a wider bell end can provide greater clitoral stimulation during sexual intercourse as well as stimulating the outer parts of the vagina (gosh, I feel like I’m giving a lesson on sex education!).

Having a large cock may actually present its owner with several unforeseen drawbacks when it comes to sex. Believe it or not, a large cock can actually be very painful, especially without lube. Oral sex is tricky as one can gag if said apparatus won’t fit in your mouth. Rest breaks become mandatory, which interrupt the flow of things (my inner circle gents know I love things to flow smoothly…). Standard size condoms won’t fit properly, and there is a risk of one splitting mid flow.

Of course, gentleman with all cock sizes are welcome in my boudoir. I will do my best to accommodate where possible, and may even give you a few tips to enhance performance.

Remember the old cliché: It’s not the size that counts, it’s how you use it.